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The bulk auction of has entered LAST CALL®; our patent-pending day-to-day bidding process.   The [154l2] auction was scheduled to end on Thursday, April 21st at 5:00 PM, but online bidding extended the auction deadline. I've described the LAST CALL® process in previous posts, but here's a brief explanation for those of you who haven't had a chance to watch this exciting online bidding before. Like other online auction websites, a lot of the bidding occurs in the final seconds of the deadline. As bidders rush to place their bids, LAST CALL® protects bidders from someone or some program from winning the auction in last millisecond. 154L2   this style of bidding at the very end is called "bid sniping" or just "sniping. " With LAST CALL®, 154l2 the bid deadline extends 24 hours each time a new bid is placed so that bidders can take their time  to calculate their next bid. Bidders now have time to deliberate a knowledgeable and fair chance at winning an extremely strategized real estate purchase. The current high bid for this auction is $348, 333 and the Bid Deadline is scheduled to end this evening at 5:00 PM unless a new high bid is placed before the deadline. There are also a two commercial buildings located in Suisun City 154l2, CA that are currently in a Sealed Bid format that are also scheduled to end tonight so check out the auction webpage for more details, documents and photos at . Related Posts:

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