Bank-Ordered Auction for Senior Living Apartments

Bank-Ordered Online Auction
±32,000 SF Senior Living Apartments in Two Rivers, WI

$199,000 Minimum Bid

*Broker Participation Offered*
All bids must be submitted by March 21st at 5pm
Visit website for more property and auction details;

Why did sellers start listing properties online?

Photo from WSD_GM at
Photo from WSD_GM at

Inman News posted an article back on Oct. 14 titled, The First Home Online. The article simply read:

“Who was the first person to post a for-sale home listing on the Internet? Inman News Publisher Brad Inman (@BradInman) posed the question in a Twitter post today.”

That being said, I don’t know who first listed their home online but I can narrow down speculations as to what inspired them to list online. Here is a list of the main reasons why I think the first person moved to an online listing format and away from the traditional classified ads:

  • Online listings are an effective and alternative marketing tool for selling real estate
  • By hosting listings in an online platform, prospective buyers have millions of listings right at their finger tips
  • Buyers no longer have to travel to open houses across town, the country or the world to “visit” a property
  • Listing your home online will act as a catalyst for speeding up the research on homes such as prices, sizes, photos, documentation, etc. before prospective buyers move forward with a visit to your property or talks with an agent.

It’s no secret that the internet reaches every far corner of the world and that the first step in researching anything is to “Google it.” Let’s face it, research has moved to the internet.

In turn, websites have become an essential for every company. However, websites do not replace the face-to-face interaction or having a tangible means of communication with someone involved in real estate.

Listing a home for sale online is crucial in order to maximize the property’s exposure when selling one’s home, and as the recession continues, I predict more and more companies will discontinue their traditional print ads to save money.

Why or why not would you list your home online?


About this author: Casey Flynn is the Communications Manager for the LFC Group of Companies. He also coauthors on and