Every time the LFC Group of Companies begins an online auction, I’ll write a blog post describing the city and region for that specific property. This requires some extensive research, which is often helped by the increasingly common social media presence of many towns across the country, both big and small. Towns like Spartanburg, South Carolina, Bemidji, Minnesota, and Paso Robles, California are doing a fantastic job utilizing social media to connect with local residents and visitors, and of course, simultaneously aiding real estate professionals like myself (a much appreciated unintended consequence!).

Take a look at the quality of material, the consistency in appearance across all of their accounts, and, most importantly, their engagement with followers/fans/viewers.

Resources such as the chamber of commerce, visitor’s bureau or a city’s home page can be a huge help to better understanding all of our auction locations from a local’s perspective.

What are some of the ways your city is participating in social media? What do you like/dislike and why?Related Posts

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