While taking on the responsibilities of social media for our company has become the highlight of my work, sometimes good old fashioned manual labor comes with the job of being the communications manager. I am also in charge of managing the majority of outdoor signage, and when we host auctions locally that means I get to do the advertisement installations myself.

I love working with my hands and being active, not to mention getting outside to enjoy the warm weather and California sunshine. On top of installing our company’s generic signs, the company founder and chairman is a huge advocate for any kind of guerrilla marketing we can implement into our auction advertising.

For example, I have had to go as far as putting up 40 directional signs for a single home during its open house and I have also designed advertisements for a truck to do some mobile marketing.

Some ideas work and others do not. But the beauty of Guerrilla marketing is that it’s cheap to do and does exactly what an advertisement is supposed to accomplish; to grab people’s attention.

Take a look at this ad I saw on http://billboardom.blogspot.com from a printer company in Paris, France Billboard for printer made with sheets of paper.

The City of Newport Beach is hosting its 101st Christmans Boat Parade this year and the parade does a u-turn right in front of the condos we are auctioning. We are allowed advertise on the seller’s yacht and I had a very interesting experience trying to get the signs up in a hurry.

Here are a couple of shots from the yacht ads but I want to know if you have done any crazy guerrilla advertising before! Should we have gone for more festive colors or maybe even added Christmas lights instead of our traditional yellow and black combo?

378pic1 378pic2


About this author: Casey Flynn is the Communications Manager for the LFC Group of Companies. He also coauthors on CommercialAuctionListings.com and RealEstateNoteAuctions.com. You can follow his Twitter account @LFC_Auction.

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